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Integrated Conflict Management Systems

  • An integrated conflict management model is a systemic approach to preventing, managing and resolving conflict, while also focusing on the underlying causes. The core elements of a conflict management system include:
    • Encourages parties to voice concerns and constructive dissent early
    • Integrates a collaborative problem-solving model into the culture
    • Provides options for all types of problems for all people
    • Coordinates a web of options and structures enabling problem-solving
    • Aligns conflict management practices with each other and the mission, vision and values of the organization
    • Is understandable to all, is flexible and user-friendly
  • Richard Fincher and Rocco Scanza are national leaders in the design, implementation, and assessment of systems for resolving conflict. We will work with your internal design team to develop, validate, train and launch the optimal system for your culture and business needs.

  • We have conducted over ten workshops on workplace systems with the American Bar Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

  • We have co-authored a seminal textbook on organizational systems for inviting, channeling and resolving workplace conflict without litigation. : “Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict", Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2003.


“Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict, Lessons for Managers and Dispute Resolution Professionals” 2003, Jossey-Bass Publishers"

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