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Teambuilding / Facilitation

Teambuilding Retreats

  • Richard Fincher and Rocco Scanza are nationally recognized consultants in teambuilding and retreats for groups and organizations. Their practice links individual executive effectiveness to organizational performance, and is targeted to non-profits, corporations, and government agencies.

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Large-Group Facilitation

  • Organizations increasingly value the outcomes in facilitated meetings of large groups. However, few mediators or facilitators have the skills to engage a multi-party dynamics. We have demonstrated skills in convening and facilitating disparate groups of constituents to achieve pre-determined goals.

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Leader Assessment/Succession Planning

  • Succession planning of executive talent is a critical element of organizational success. The core elements of executive development, support of senior leadership, assessment of talent, teambuilding benefits of succession planning, technology/data-management of succession planning, and measurement of outcomes.

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Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors of any for-profit or non-profit organization play a crucial role in the organization’s ultimate success. Yet over (one) on-third of such Boards under perform to their potential, and some are outright dysfunctional. We have a national practice consulting to such Boards to enhance their productivity, vision, and collaboration. One option is peer performance reviews. A second option is clarity of committee assignments. A third option is team feedback around principled criteria.

  • One source we use is “Building Better Boards: a Blueprint for Effective Governance,” by Behan.


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