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Mediation of Executive / Team Conflicts

Interpersonal Conflicts

  • Mediation is a facilitated dialogue between disputants and a mediator for the purpose of achieving settlement. The mediator's role is to assist disputants to explore issues, needs, and settlement options.
  • Executive mediation is distinguished from other mediation in that the dispute is generally interpersonal and not legal. There are no legal claims or attorneys representing the executives. The common issues include personality conflicts, policy, resource and decision-making disputes.

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Team Conflicts

  • Half of all business teams under perform to their potential. The technology of coaching has successfully been applied to teams as well as individuals. Teams are social organizations which can improve their productivity and their results through careful facilitation by a trained team coach.

Conflict Coaching

  • Unresolved interpersonal disputes have significant negative affect on organizational productivity. Conflict coaching is a new practice area supporting one’s ability to reflect on workplace conflict and to react in a positive manner.


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