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Executive Mediation - Interpersonal Conflicts

  • Mediation is a facilitated dialogue between disputants and a mediator for the purpose of achieving settlement. The mediator's role is to assist disputants to explore issues, needs, and settlement options.
  • Executive mediation is distinguished from other mediation in that the dispute is generally interpersonal and not legal. There are no legal claims or attorneys representing the executives. The common issues include personality conflicts, policy, resource and decision-making disputes.
  • Mediation works. Statistics show that 85% of employment and commercial matters conclude in written settlements .The mediation process is private, informal, practical, and focused on interest-based solutions developed by the parties.
  • Richard Fincher is a full-time mediator of employment disputes. He has mediated over 100 non-legal disputes involving executives. In 2005, he was selected an “Advanced Practitioner in Employment Mediation” by the Association for Conflict Resolution.

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