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Conflict Management Systems and Clause Drafting

Integrated Conflict Management Systems

  • An integrated conflict management model is a systemic approach to preventing, managing and resolving conflict, while also focusing on the underlying causes. The core elements of a conflict management system include:

    • Encourages parties to voice concerns and constructive dissent early

    • Integrates a collaborative problem-solving model into the culture

    • Provides options for all types of problems for all people

    • Coordinates a web of options and structures enabling problem-solving

    • Aligns conflict management practices with each other and the mission, vision and values of the organization

    • Is understandable to all, is flexible and user-friendly

  • Richard Fincher and Rocco Scanza are national leaders in the design, implementation, and assessment of systems for resolving conflict. We will work with your internal design team to develop, validate, train and launch the optimal system for your culture and business needs.

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Drafting of ADR Clauses

Law firms, in-house counsel, and organizations are continually updating their ADR clauses to achieve specific goals. Richard Fincher and Rocco Scanza are national experts in the design and wording of ADR clauses involving labor and employment disputes, including new-hire employment agreements and severance agreements.

Collaborative Consulting

Organizational Dispute Audits

Corporate and non-profit organizations are often required to retain external support in the conducting of an audit of historical or present disputes. We have conducted numerous audits involving EEO/harassment, financial wrongdoing, and other ethical violations.

Mediation and ADR Training

We offer an integrated series of conflict management seminars which effectively link theory and practice through innovative curriculum and an adult learning model. Our team has a proven capability in training corporate managers, attorneys, bar associations, in-house law departments, government agencies, and college administrators. Our instructional technique is highly participative, hands-on, and application focused.

Implementation of ADR Methodology for In-House law Departments

In-house law departments are under increasing pressure to manage company assets, control legal costs, and deliver results. One step to achieve these results is to implement ADR technology, including case screening methods. We have the knowledge and tools to assist law departments to embrace advanced ADR processes.

Public Speaking in Collaborative Environments

We offer public speaking services to clients interested in learning more about the potential of collaborative processes.

Faith-based dispute resolution

We have a national practice in the resolution of disputes within religious organizations and the promotion of collaboration within congregations. We coach individual clergy, train lay leaders, conduct regional workshops, mediate disputes, and educate congregations in the culture of a peace maker culture.

Consulting in mergers and acquisitions

Two-third of all corporate mergers fail, mainly due to lack of integration and cultural misfit. We provide strategic consulting services to organizations in aligning cultural and employee interests. We also coach senior executives of both sides of the merger, develop communication materials, and lead teambuilding sessions and workshops at multiple levels. Our team has significant experience in successfully directing cultural integration.


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